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Historical Turkish Bath & SPA

The historical ‘Çeşme Hamamı’ was built by Grand Admiral Kaymak Mustafa Pasha at the end of 1720’s, in the Tulip Era famous for its wealth and entertaintments during the Ottoman Empire times. Shortly after the hammam was built, he was prisoned and executed in a rebellion, which ends the Tulip Era. This rebellion called "Patrona Halil Rebellion" in Ottoman History.

It continued to be used as a bathhouse until 2017 when it was restored by preserving its original structure.

‘Çeşme Hamamı’ was reopened by The Galata Istanbul Hotel MGallery in accordance with its original style and maintains the 300-year-old tradition of wellness of water therapy. The hotel guests can use this magical hammam for free of charge.

It offers not only massage teraphy packages or turkish bath experience but it is also so popular with the Bridal Shower parties both in a traditional and modern way.

It is possible to visit the historical ‘Çeşme Hamamı’ between 12 am and 10 pm everyday.

If you would like to enjoy this harmony of historical and modern experience or the Bridal Hammam Party, you could simple fill the form below and let us call you.


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